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How to Get the Cheapest Home Insurance

Shop Around This may be time consuming but the reward in monetary savings can be incredible. Inquire from family and friends, your state department of insurance and the Yellow Pages. There is information that will help you select your insurer in your state at www.naic.org – the National Association of Insurance Commission’s website. You can even make complaints there. Many states provide the frequency of consumer complaints for companies as well as making available information about the typical rates charged by major insurers. You should check online for cheap home insurance quotes, insurance agents and consumer guides. From here you’ll get an idea of the companies with lowest prices and what the price ranges are, though price alone is not the only thing to consider. Whichever insurer you select should deliver the kind of quality service you’d expect to get if you require assistance in filing a claim, and also offer fair prices. To assess quality service, speak with a lot of insurers to get an idea of the type of service they render and utilize the complaint information stated above. Ask what they’d do to reduce your cost. Use company ratings from companies like Standard & Poors and A.M Best to check the financial stability of any company you consider. Their websites are www.standardsandpoors.com and www.ambest.com respectively. Also look through consumer magazines. You can then go on to get price quotes after narrowing it down to at least three insurers. Raise Your Deductible According to the terms of your policy, before your insurance company starts paying a claim, there’s an amount you have to pay toward a loss. It’s called a deductible. You save more money on premiums when you pay a higher deductible. You may save up to 25% if you can afford raising your deductible to $1,000, though most companies recommend a minimum deductible of $500. Your insurance may include a deductible for specific kinds of damage if you live in an area that is prone to disaster. So you may get a different a windstorm deductible if you’re living near the East coast; a hail storm deductible if you are living in hail storm vulnerable states. For and earthquake policy for those living in areas prone to earthquake, there’s a deductible included in your policy. Buy your home and auto policies from the same insurer There are companies that sell liability, auto and homeowners coverage who‘ll take off about 5% to 15% of the premium when you purchase two or more policies at a time. Only be sure that the combined price is really less than if you buy different coverage from different companies. Improve your home security For dead bolts, burglar alarm or smoke detector, you can easily get a 5% discount. With some companies, you can get as much as a 15% – 20% premium cut if you install burglar and a fire alarm that rings monitoring stations like fire stations and the police, or a sophisticated sprinkler system. Not every system is qualified to get a discount and they aren’t cheap, so before buying ensure you know how much you’re saving on premiums, what the device will cost and the kind your insurer recommends in the first place..
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